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Assembly Programs


Lessons in geography, social studies, languages, even clothing, all through the back door of the wondrous musical instruments that Michael has collected in his travels. A Khaen, a Didgeridu, Angklungs; he plays them all and wants you to play them as well in this unique, interactive, and often hilarious program. A former musical goodwill ambassador for the U.S. State Department, and five time winner of Westword Magazine's Best of Denver for his recordings and performances, he brings a joy and excitement to this popular presentation.

"A masterful mix of education and entertainment" (Emerson School, Phoenix, AZ..)

"All the teachers and students raved about the program...I don't know where they could have this unique experience." (Butterfield Elementary, Tucson, AZ)

"Best assembly we've ever had" (Stedman Elementary, Denver)

Michael Around the World with Music
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Michael's band, YEAHBUT SHOEHEAD, is also available for assemblies and events.



Artist in Residence


SONGS TO LEARN BY writes songs with students about what they are studying in their classrooms. These residencies have yielded over a hundred songs covering subjects as diverse as the circulatory system, spelling, geometry, asteroids, and building good character traits.

"You have found ways to integrate language arts, geography, history, social studies, science and music. You take the students ideas and grow with them into poetry, song and music." (Zerger Elementary, Westminster, Co.)

"I never thought it was possible to write a cool song about math." 5th grader, Phoenix

"You taught me more things about geography just by writing our song." 4th grader, Denver

ChoralWeb Music has put out a songbook and CD collections, titled, LIVING TOGETHER ON PLANET EARTH.

  Order and hear samples at: pansyproductions.com

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Didgeridu Workshops


"With a collection of small tubes and straws in water, we learn to make the mesmerizing sound of the didgeridu, while paying deep respect to the Aborigine culture that has used this instrument for tens of thousands of years."

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Library Programs

Using elements of SOUND IDEAS, and always incorporating an original song that addresses a summer reading theme, Michael's library shows are very popular with state and county reading programs. He has toured "Once Upon a Planet" for the New Mexico library system, and has created shows for numerous other library themes throughout Colorado.

From "I'M A DAWG" for Denver Public Libraries:

"Sometimes I fry, sometimes I freeze,
Sometimes I look around and all I see are knees,
But sometimes some days end just fine,
With a Boxcar Children or an R.L.Stein.
I'm a dawg, I'm a dawg,
Snooping 'round the neighborhood,
Looking for a book that's good
I'm a dawg, I'm a dawg..."


From "SHIP AHOY FOR ADVENTURE" for Jefferson County Libraries:

"What's a pirate gonna' do at the end of the line,
With nothing on his hands but summer reading time.
Ship ahoy for adventure, ship ahoy for a laugh,
Ship ahoy for the Redwall, or Captain Underpants.
Lemony Snicket, Shel Silverstein, Winnie the Pooh,
Ship ahoy to the library, they're waiting there for you."


"Fantastic show...This was the best program I have seen at the library. He did an extraodinary job." Belmar Library

"Wonderful program...He's the American Rafi." Mesa Library

"Captivating entertainment for children and adults alike." Wheatridge Library





for National Summer Reading Theme:

Let's dig into reading,
Let's go have some fun,
'Cause Pete the Cat is waiting,
Got his rockin' white shoes on.
Skippyjon Jones and Splat the Cat,
The Redwall and Captain Underpants,
It's summer reading time,
And you'll find a whole lot more.